"My recent experience with Bolgiano Interiors is by far the best I have ever had while designing a home. Jodi Bolgiano has a heart of gold and her wonderful team is always willing to go the extra mile to give their clients the room or home they have always desired. I would recommend everyone to visit her beautiful storefront to get a small taste of what she can offer for almost any budget!"

Chase Dronet, D.D.S.



"What separates Jodi from other talented designers is her ability to listen.  Her work is absolutely stunning, and it speaks for itself, but what she did for my family was help design the best version of a home that was OURS. Jodi was invaluable in designing our home, I can’t, and would never, take on such a complex task without her. I would highly recommend Jodi. Her help from beginning to end saved us time and money, because she brought a wealth of construction and design experience."

Gus Rantz



"Both Steve and I absolutely love our 2017 Bolgiano Parade Home!! Jodi's design expertise made the entire building-decorating process relaxed and enjoyable! Her ideas are unique, bold, and, as always, highly elegant! Our home is GORGEOUS and certainly exceeded our expectations!"

Margaret Drouant